Mico fly to China!

From Thursday, July 26 to 29 you can find our stand at the Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2012 in Nanjing International Expo Center. This major expo will host our stand located E6820 with many products to show to the world. The Asian Outdoor Trade Show is constantly growing in all its manifestations, with an exhibition […]

Fiber & Linings | SKINTECH

Is 3-dimensional fabric, realised with seamless technology, Soft-touch, it helps the thermoregulation by granting a rapid transport of  humidity. Special pickings in pure silver fibre X-Static® grant body hygiene and eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odours. SHIRT SKINTECH LIGHTSKIN V-NECK SHORT SLEEVES [IN 1805] € 35.90 WOMAN short sleeves shirt “V” neck. Tecnical jacquard design, […]

The Function of sports wear | 1 TRANSPORT

TRANSPORT by Mico Sport is the fabric layer in contact with the skin, that works at best: it absorbs the body moisture by spreading it to the outside, in order to let it evaporate quicky. It grants perspiranility, in order to help the body breathe during continuos efforts. It creates an inner microclimate, that is […]


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Fiber & Linings | EVERDRY® Polyester

It’s a technical fabric that is the result of the combination of 2 kinds of polyester yarns that creates an insulating hollow space. trough which the sweat is transferred quickly outside, where it evaporates, thus keeping the body dry and perfectly thermoregulated. EVERDRY® is a registered trademark of MICO SHIRT EVERDRY STRETCH ZIP LONG SLEEVES […]

The Function of sports wear

The sports wear is the filter between the human body and the environment, aiming at keeping a balanced body temperature. Sports and technological researches have allowed us to develop innovating materials, that help to mantain the body comfortable even in a straining conditions. According to the weather conditions and to the necessary thermal protection, 3 […]

Fiber & Linings | DRYFX® Double Effect

It is an innovative double layer fabric due to the combination of two technically advanced polymers: polypropylene inside a polyester outside. Thanks to its extra-ordinary physical and mechanical where it dries up quickly and creates a barrier.  DRYFX® is a very good thermoregulator and allows the body to be protectd from hot and cold climates. […]

Fiber & Linings | FORMA® fit your body

It is a special construction “single jersey” made of polyamide and lycrapower® that combines the high breathability and the  thermoregulation properties with high performing comfort and fit. It Guarantees an optimal balance between the “stretch-up” and spring.back “relax” function(elastic module), that helps the worn garment maintaining its position thus reinforcing the “second skin” effect. FORMA® […]

Fiber & Linings| Meraklon®

MICO Meraklon® The fiber provideas a great comfort, Moisture is transferred to the outside, leaving the skin dry and its temperature constant even in very cold climates. This polypropilenic fiber is resistant, warm and light. SOCKS TREKKING ARGENTO MEDIUM [CA 1630] Argento Long trekking sock medium Structure in Coolmax + X-Static + LYCRA Medium density […]

Fiber & Linings|X-STATIC The Silver Fiber®

MICO X-STATIC Is a nylon thread coated with pure silver. It elimintes better than any other chemical tratment any type of fungus or bacteria wich generate foot odour when mixed with sweat and ammonium. The thermal conductivity regulates the body temperature in all conditions and the conduction capacity eliminates the electrostatic pollution. MICO X-STATIC® is […]