The Function of sports wear | 2 INSULATION

  INSULATION by Mico Sport is the intermediate under-wear layer that manages the microclimate exsting between the body ancd the first layer clothing in contact with the skin (transport). It grant: – Thermal capacity: it retains the right quantity of body heat, insulating from cold. – High perspiration: it transfers the body sweat to the […]

Fiber & Linings | SKINTECH

Is 3-dimensional fabric, realised with seamless technology, Soft-touch, it helps the thermoregulation by granting a rapid transport of  humidity. Special pickings in pure silver fibre X-Static® grant body hygiene and eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odours. SHIRT SKINTECH LIGHTSKIN V-NECK SHORT SLEEVES [IN 1805] € 35.90 WOMAN short sleeves shirt “V” neck. Tecnical jacquard design, […]

Fiber & Linings | EVERDRY® Polyester

It’s a technical fabric that is the result of the combination of 2 kinds of polyester yarns that creates an insulating hollow space. trough which the sweat is transferred quickly outside, where it evaporates, thus keeping the body dry and perfectly thermoregulated. EVERDRY® is a registered trademark of MICO SHIRT EVERDRY STRETCH ZIP LONG SLEEVES […]

Fiber & Linings|X-STATIC The Silver Fiber®

MICO X-STATIC Is a nylon thread coated with pure silver. It elimintes better than any other chemical tratment any type of fungus or bacteria wich generate foot odour when mixed with sweat and ammonium. The thermal conductivity regulates the body temperature in all conditions and the conduction capacity eliminates the electrostatic pollution. MICO X-STATIC® is […]

Fiber & Linings| Micotex®

The continuos research of new product technologies allows us to purpose hi- performing garments. Our Pro-Athlets test our products in the most extreme conditions: This  helps us to have a real feedback on the performance of the garments and allows us to imrpove the in order to grant best comfort and fit. We combine the […]

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After a great summer, that we hope was fantastic for all of you, the good season ends, but not for Mico! Now on Facebook, we’ll be available for you the official social page of Mico best offers, to buy directly from the most popoular social network in the world. Share and publish the products on […]